About Terri

Raised in Newark, New Jersey, Terri A. Meredith is a visual artist who is passionate about celebrating the intriguing nuances of modern Black life through her favorite mediums of graphite, digital illustration and, most recently, traditional acrylic painting. After losing her mother, Birdie, in 2012 Terri returned to her art in an effort to find peace beyond the chaos brought about by grief, making a vow to herself to create every single day. That vow remains unbroken.

Much of her artwork exhibits a fusion of her interest in dance, music, Hip Hop, and the beauty of Black women, men and children. Fueled by a desire to expand her creative territory and reach her full artistic potential, Terri has recently begun exploring techniques and media she had not previously employed. She's motivated by the realization that the creative world is far larger than the spaces she’s known and in these new territories there is plenty of room to accommodate her ever blossoming imagination.

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