I Make the Rules

The art world, as they have organized and defined it - as with all things in this society - is the pretentious, unwelcoming child borne of  dysfunctional, oppression-nurturing parents. This is the reason why, despite a nation full of nearly supernaturally talented Black artists, we represent 1% in representation by galleries and gallerists (Source Documentary): Black Art: In the Absence of Light) in that world of art they created.

So, I learned long ago that I would likely never get on “their” radar for a plethora of reasons - I have no distinct style; there’s not necessarily a resounding and consistent message in my work aside from Beautiful Blackness; there’s no particularly interesting stories within my life experiences; there’s no story about my subjects, Black people, that they find intriguing; I’m far too prolific to ever leave people panting with anticipation for the appearance of my next piece - which they have determined should come long after my last one is premiered; there’s no air of mystery to my art because I post everything I create as soon as I create it; I have no degrees, am not a student of history and have no formal education beyond high school.

Those are their reasons, compiled to keep THEIR world inhabited by only a particular kind.

But here’s the gotcha...this bubble of creative expression that I’ve maneuvered within ever since I can remember is MY WORLD. And guess what? In my world, I make the rules and those rules are written on my spirit, inked directly from my soul. 

I’mma post my creations at will...because the people who want to see it, want to see it ret nah, and that’s good enough for me. I’mma continue to draw Black life and all of the facets therein, because it’s my story and continues to build into the best story known to mankind. Regarding intrigue and mystery, well, that happens the moment you stopped scrolling to pay attention - you were intrigued; Mystery? boring AF when it’s a façade and I’ve never been about that life. I am an open book - as are my creative accomplishments, challenges and dreams. You get that from me whenever I decide to give it, and if any aspect of my life, my creations, or my educational background only serve to rouse disinterest - exit my world. It’s that simple.

Nothing is more yawn inducing to me than the thought of compromising all that I am creatively in the hopes that their art world will show interest. Baby, with all the phenomenal talent from my people currently on display, currently as worthy of the thousands of dollars those simps will pay for an invisible sculpture of “energy” while we STILL hold at a strong ONE PERCENT, figuring out ways to play by their rules will never be a priority. 


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Komesia Umstead

Point blank. Period.

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